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10 February 2008

We Are God's Workmanship~

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. -- Ephesians 2:10
I love visiting Susanne Goodin's blog and found Heartlight through a beautiful scripture she has at the top of her page. Now I get, via email, a daily scripture, short lesson, and prayer each morning! Thank you, dear friend, for bringing one more smile to my life. I can say the same for Melissa and Kelly, whose blogs I found by exploring Leah Hunt and Jenny Maddox's blogs. All are daughters of the King and I love learning from them. Reading their writings, blog hopping on their friends lists and finding other stories and tales uplift me daily~

BUT back to the scripture above!!! As a second grade teacher, one of my primary goals was to have each child believe how perfect and miraculous they were. If I could help just one child hold their head up higher or hear them say with conviction, "Miss Hood, I'm going to be President one day!" or "I'm going to be a doctor, Miss Hood, and take care of you when you're old", or even, "I'm going to be a Ninja turtle and take all the bad men away!" {the last actually was told to me by a darling during the Ninja Turtle craze!}, then I would be a successful teacher.

After the accident and ensuing early retirement, I began losing my belief that I mattered. Oh I know my family and friends still love me and I realize that I'm important in ways that yes, I am needed. But I'm talking about feeling needed, really really feeling needed and being able to help someone think more of themself. For nineteen years I had a dream job, worked with some of my bestest friends, and laughed more at little seven year olds than I'd laughed my whole life up to that time. Now life is different and there are days when I feel adrift, wondering if I am important anymore

Aha, see how easy we flip flop?! After spending so many years telling others they were important, that "God doesn't make junk!", here I am not believing it myself! Then today, a loving nudge through the Yahoo mailbox~God saying, 'you ARE important, your works ARE important, because I MADE YOU and you ARE a miracle of a creation'.

Thank you, Lord, for Your patience with me and for using today's chosen scripture from Heartlight to remind me that I need to practice what I preach. I promise to hold my head up higher and believe that I, too, could be President, or a doctor, or even just a volunteer, but that whatever I do, it will be to praise You, and to remember I am an awesome work of art. Your art.


Jenny said...

You are definitely needed and making a difference in lives! I see that every time I bring the boys over or you come to the house. I love you!

Nancy Hood said...

Oh my sweet child, you bring delight to my days~