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02 January 2008

I was tagged~

Now for the Game of Tag~2007! What was our year like?

An unexpected blessing ~ having the doctors keep me home one more schoolyear, it's given me more time to be with my family and close friends

Feeling important ~ I don't know about feeling important but I can see where I'm improving with the therapy for PTSD!! Yea, me!! and thanks, Gregg!!

Craziest thing I did ~ during this recovery period, there have been many crazy moments of forgetfulness and still a hallucination a time or two! but I'm told time may heal that :)

Smartest thing I did ~ having more time to spend with some really close friends

Sentimental moment ~ watching Noah's eyes light up when he saw me one Sunday and I knew then he recognized me and was happy to see me

Most enjoyable gift ~ my cute little car that Johnny found and bought for me so I wouldn't be housebound after we had to sell my beloved Nissan Murano

Craziest purchase turnabout ~ don't really have one, but the new refrigerator we had to buy is really nice! It's only the second one we've ever had!

Moments of maturity ~ realizing that things aren't always what they seem, and that no matter how much you love someone sometimes you just have to let go and let God

Huge answers to prayer ~ we are all healthy, safe, and living to praise our Creator!

Consider yourself tagged! Please tell me about your 2007 or let me know you are doing so on your blog. Happy New Year!

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Susanne Goodin said...

OK - I added my year in reveiw on my blog. What a neat idea. Several of those questions were hard. Happy New Year!