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23 January 2008

a favorite game~

What you will see here is a game that Noah found on his own. It's called, "Let's Throw the Ornaments Out of the Urn" and he has played this from day One! When we realized how much he liked it, Jenny went and bought plastic ornaments in order to safeguard him against the glass ones. After Stacey and Leslie left Monday I began straightening up the house and putting toys away. You would not believe the places I found these red Christmas balls! Several times I chuckled out loud thinking, "there's no way they would've thought to leave one here!" But they did. Thank you, Noah and Alaina, for bringing smiles to my heart and laughter to my day.


Leah said...

Precious!! Don't you just feel blessed with every "ball" you pick up!

Nancy Hood said...

I do, I really do, Leah. We are blessed beyond measure, that's for sure~when I say my prayers, there are so many of thanksgiving it leaves very, very little for prayers of material things. And as a grandmother, the prayers are doubled for the health and safekeeping of not only your children now, but the children of your children :)