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15 January 2008

Sleepy dayz~wake up, Night!

John's shift is about to change again and our sleeping patterns will change as well! Since I do not have to clock in anywhere, I've found myself sleeping when he sleeps and up when he's at work. At least we are in sync! Just doesn't do much for getting things accomplished when he is on that midnight shift!

The week began with still more appointments, getting forms filled out and signed for retirement. It's not a complicated process, just time consuming. Along with trying to run errands and be ready for Saturday has only added to my calendar. {smile, smile} I'm staying on target, though, and am so pleased! Even when Jen called to see if we could snuggle on Noah while she subs tomorrow was worked in easily with the errands I'd penned in for Wednesday. Since the accident and the massive doses of meds I was given, I have to write lists so I don't forget something! BUT, I've always always been a list person. Ask my two youngest girls, I'm sure I drove them crazy when they lived at home with my OCD's. Sound familiar? It's tough on the children when it takes leaving home for the parent to realize, 'hey, I wish I'd relaxed more and we slept in later on Saturdays!'. God bless them, they are awesome young adult women and they take the time to relax. {Hint~keep doing it, girls!!!}

On another note, I'm interested in how many of you also visit Heartstrings? That's another blog of mine that's strictly when I feel the need to speak of heart stirrings. The last one I posted was a picture I got from a site I found on Susanne's blog. It shook me, and I'm wondering how it affected you. Leave me a comment and let me know. Oh, and you'll find Heartstrings over on the right under Favorite Faces~


Leah said...

I'm a list maker too!!

Leah said...

I forgot, I visit heartstrings!

Susanne Goodin said...

You have peaked my interest - I am going to hearstrings! I make lists too - I think it may be a teacher thing! LOL

Jenny Maddox said...

You've been tagged...see our website for details: :)