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04 January 2008

Faith, and faith alone~

This morning was great, the afternoon wasn't quite that way. Have you ever gotten good news just to find that your world still continues to be turned upside down? Ours did. We got the news we were praying for, but learning the facts that got us to that point brought me to tears and Johnny, who had been pacing, had to sit down. Saying we were devastated is mild. Although we knew some of what happened during the accident, learning what we didn't know caught us both without words. Once we got home, it brought us to our knees in a sincere prayer of thanksgiving.

Tonight, I'm trying to digest what we learned and just how serious all of this has been. I lived, and I am recovering. I'll never be who I was, but I'm hoping I'll be different in good ways. In ways that matter.

Mine was an accident. His wasn't. My Lord died, and He arose. He did this so that I could live. Not here, but with Him. In Heaven. God always has a way of humbling us so that we never lose sight of just who is really in charge.

We're going to be okay. And in time, it will all work out in a beautiful fashion. The devil may run amok on Earth and create challenges, but my Lord is still in control. And He will prevail. He always has, and He always will. He will work within His timeframe, and that's a good thing. My daddy used to say, "Christians are never lucky. Christians are blessed." I'll always remember those words. My dad was so right.


Susanne Goodin said...

Thank you for being such a blessing to me. I love reading your blogs - I am constantly inspired by you.

Nancy Hood said...

and you are so sweet~I can't wait to meet you, Susanne Goodin.

Leah said...

You bring me to tears regularly! You have such an amazing outlook and spirit! I learn from you and feel so blessed to know you! Lots of Love!

Nancy Hood said...

You may not realize it, Leah, but you've been an inspiration to me since the day I met you. And that's the truth~