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12 January 2008

An ending is only a beginning~

It's been a week filled with closures and new beginnings. Monday, I went to check on the procedure for disability retirement. There were tears, but a decision had been reached. Wednesday, Johnny and I drove out to Holtville, and I turned in my letter of resignation to my principal, Mary Lucy Crapps, an awesome administrator. While there, I was able to see several that I worked with over my 19 year career and it was good to not only hug them, but to tell them how very much I've appreciated their prayers. The school has changed with a new kindergarten wing and high school gym being added, different paint schemes in the halls, and many new faces on the staff. I had no idea two years could make such a difference. As we were leaving, I looked back at the front door I walked through so many times. It's green now, not the blue that it was the day before the accident. Somehow, being a different color, made accepting it easier. Strange that a coat of paint would make it all less real.
We came back into Prattville and got a bite to eat at Logan's. Yum, it's my new favorite place! If you haven't eaten there yet, you need to! The prices are good, the food is better, AND you get to throw peanut shells on the floor!!! Can't do that at home!

Friday, Johnny took me back up to the school to give me some time with some bestest friends and I went with one to celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday, Kayro! It was a different visit Friday, as I was able to relax and just enjoy catching up and making plans for getting together in the near future.

But today?! We have been so totally lazy!!! And when I say lazy, I mean the kind of lazy where you don't get out of bed until way after noon and you're ready for another nap before dark. I guess the energy expended getting through the week just wore us out. Whatever~it still felt good to get the rest.

Tomorrow begins a new week. It's already filling up with appoinments, plans, and great things to look forward to~I think I may just adjust to this new life. Oh, and have I mentioned that our Mississippi babies are coming in this weekend?! And do I need to tell you how excited we are?! It's still Christmas around here!!


Leah said...

Your outlook is amazing!

Susanne Goodin said...

I am so glad that you have found a peace about your decision. I am so jealous that you get to nap in the middle of the day. My day will come in about 12 or 13 years. Enjoy every minute of it!!

Nancy Hood said...

I intend to!! AND I want to get together and get to know this woman my best friend, Kay, keeps talking about!!! Apparently, she is an amazing female :)