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21 January 2008

Family Fun

The best place to play, I guess, is right under the tree where no one else is and can't bother you. Stacey's son, Austin, found just the place when they were here this weekend. We celebrated Christmas with our daughters and their families, and it even snowed for us! What more could one ask for?! Well, okay, maybe celebrating in our own large cabin in the Smokies would be nice, but hey, one day maybe~here are some pictures of our girls.

I'm hoping I can get some pictures from Jenny of the grandbabies. I seem to have more pictures of the girls than the babies! Hint, hint Jen~do you have any on your flicker site or in a Kodak album you can send me? I have to ask here because I'm very likely to forget to ask her~

I hope your week has begun with laughter and moments of love. Have a blessed one~


Leah said...

Looks like you all had a great time!! If you get that cabin in the mountains, can I go and be your cleaning lady!! :)

Susanne Goodin said...

I am so glad that you all had a great Christmas! Have a great week!