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11 December 2007

It's the Christmas season and I love it when our home takes on a different look for the holidays! Take a look at some of my favorite parts of our home~Merry Christmas! {and think SNOW!!!} One of my favorite views in our home is the one looking into the foyer. John fusses forever about the drapes, but I love the way sunlight comes through them and casts jewel tones in there. It is difficult, however, when you're trying to get in and out :)
A corner of our living room with a favorite picture of mine~it was the year before the accident and I'll always treasure it. The Christmas ornaments in the trifle bowl was Jen's idea! She's a Pampered Chef consultant and I've learned more than cooking ideas from her.
I took this picture of the tree in our living room before making sure the flash was charged. I like the way it turned out. This tree is up off the floor so the little ones won't get to the presents there! Johnny is in the process of making a stocking hanger for me and I'm so excited! I'll have one for our daughters and son-in-laws in the den and one for the grandbabies sitting beside this tree. Yea, John!!
My favorite tree is the au natural one in the den~only pinecones, sleigh bells, and paper Christmas balls~notice that someone forgot to get the stepladder to decorate the top! Hmm, couldn't have been me! And yes, the Christmas train works, with carols! Ian loved the one so much last year, but alas it didn't work anymore. Packing it with batteries still IN is NOT the way to make sure it continues to work! So this year we went on a hunt to find a replacement, not wanting to put a lot of money in it as this item is always handled by little hands! Thanks to Walmart, we found just what we were looking for! Now, if it was just quieter when running!!!
I love our guest bath. And my sweet husband loved what I did with it UNTIL I removed the doors from the linen closet and bathing area while renovating. That idea did NOT go over well. But he's a good sport~most of the time. He still wishes the doors were back on~but I like it this way :) Guess which way it'll stay~at least until I get tired of it :)

5 comments: said...

I love the picture of the tree in the den! It reminds me of Christmas morning and going in the living room in the early morning hours with only the lights from the tree on. I love you!

Nancy Hood said...

I think you mean the tree in the living room, and yes, when I saw how it turned out without the flash, and just the lights of the tree illuminating the room, I thought of the many times I saw our Christmas tree just like that when I was young. There's just something so magical about Christmas morning, isn't there?!

Leah said...

Everything is so beautiful! You do a great job! I'm thinking snow!!

Kelly said...

I do the ornaments in a bowl - learned it from my mom. They are pretty in a crystal bowl, too!

Nancy Hood said...

I've done ornaments in baskets, hurricane lamps, and vases, but never ever thought of using a trifle bowl!