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06 December 2007

Birthdays & Family, Again!

It's somebody's birthday!! Again!! Our Stacey's celebrating today!! We were to be with her this weekend, BUT, my cute little car is having problems and John needs to take it to the mechanic while it's still acting up. I'm going to miss my snuggles with the Mississippi babies! and eating out with the girls! and shopping! and giggling with Leslie's updates! Even without trying, Leslie Dian can bring out the giggles in me.

Beginning in August and running through December, everyone in our family has a birthday except Leslie and me! Which makes for some partying months all the way through Thanksgiving and Christmas! Today is your day, dear Stacey. We shall so miss being with all of you this weekend but will work toward getting over for a day or two while you're out of school! Here's to you, sweetheart. May the years be kind, your laughter hearty, and your babies healthy. We love you very much~

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