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02 December 2007

Family & Birthday Food

Happy Birthday, Alaina! We'll be seeing her and her family soon and will celebrate in grand style. Stacey has a birthday this week also, so there'll be singing at the dinner table and gifts to open! Maybe a shopping trip for just us girls!

With two grandsons to love, we were all thrilled when Stacey & Brett called to say a little girl was coming. Since we don't live as close as aunt Leslie does, she gets to dress the girly-girl. Although~

Alaina can give her brother, Austin, a run for the money, let me tell you! She's on the go constantly and doesn't mind getting down and dirty. Loves to eat! Anything! and forget the cute bows her mommy tried to keep in her hair. Alaina has no time for them. I keep telling Johnny it's like looking at a junior size Stacey, and he agrees, but says Stace was never that active. ha ha

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Your Nan and Pa love you and ask God each day to take care of you. We can't wait to see you again!

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