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19 December 2007

I just had to share with you the following picture & a few thoughts. Jenny posted this on her blog yesterday. You see Santa, Jenny, and Noah. Santa is happy! Jenny is happy! And Noah? Well, let's just say if looks could talk, he'd be saying something like, "Okay, man in red, do NOT touch the baby!"

Why are children afraid of Santa? Because they can't see much of his face? Because they only see him once a year? I know Jenny was afraid of him for the first three or four years of her life! We tried everything to get her close enough to capture a picture and when we did, she had this strained "get me out of here" smile. And the Easter Bunny?! Forget it! The child was in grammar school before we got a snapshot of that!

Children weren't afraid of our Lord. History tells us that most likely He had a full beard and probably shoulder length hair. That's how we picture him. Children didn't know Him, but they weren't afraid. I've never fretted that our daughters needed to know there was no Santa. No Easter bunny or tooth fairy. We never worried that it would hinder their belief in God. You know, "How can children believe in what they can't see if what they do see isn't real." That kind of reasoning. A lot like how did the coyote keep chasing the roadrunner when he was always falling off cliffs and having boulders smash his eyes out? Children seem to be able to put fantasy in its place, and God on His throne.

So Noah, just laugh at that silly Santa. He'll bring you some neat toys, puzzles, and books each year for a long time to come. And when it comes to God, His gifts will be so grand and wonderous it'll put all the rest to shame. I still believe~in both the magic of the season and the Gift that began in a stable scene. It makes for a most awesome time of the year!And Noah? one more thing, thanks so much for the giggling this snapshot brings to my heart!

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