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29 December 2007

Letting go~Looking ahead

Deborah & I closed our little shoppe at My Kids Attic this afternoon. John came with a trailer and his Bronco to help move out the larger items. We had fun, and had a great location inside, but never made more than rent some months. I honestly don't think many of them do. The shoppe behind us and beside us also closed. We're thinking now, however, that we may open another one here in Prattville. Alison is in the process of moving The Carousel of Shoppes, so we'll wait until she's settled into her new location. It was a bit sad as I hate to fail at something, but we tried our best and gave it our best shot~so we really shouldn't lower our shoulders. I feel excited with the coming of a new year and have no doubt that it will be one of the best ones yet! I hope you are feeling the same; and if you aren't, try to redirect your thoughts and think in a more positive vein. Expect good things to happen; expect your life to get better; you just might be surprised that it does. This is what I plan to do.


Susanne Goodin said...

I didn't even know that My Kids Attic existed until this Christmas. A friend of mine told me about it and I went there twice over the holidays to buy gifts. I thought it had really cute stuff. Which booth was yours? Let me know where you all move - I love to shop!!

Leah said...

I had no idea you had a booth there! I shop there lots! Which one was yours?

Nancy Hood said...

We had booth #85~it had a baby bed with old baby quilts hung on the rail. It also had an old white mantle on one wall and a Christmas tree near the aisle. It was a great location, we were on a front corner as you went to the back~we just didn't carry enough of the 'right' inventory apparently. It is a precious shop and I shop there for unique items, too!