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24 March 2008

Yes, Grandmommies Brag~

So, those of you that know Jenny, and have already looked at their website, will recognize the following pictures! For those of you that haven't, well, I just have to share them! Had my camera batteries not been dead Sunday, I would have different ones to share with you all, but alas we need new rechargeable batteries. I'm pretty sure Brandon is glad the camera WASN'T with me Sunday ;) he teases me all the time. And yes, Leslie, he is a very patient man. Not only is this man an answer to prayers for our Jen, he's an amazing father to the boys.

Johnny had to work yesterday, so I ate with
Jenny and her family after worship. Easter baskets awaited them and the meal was delicious, as always!! Gotta love Ruby Tuesday's garden bar!! To see some really cute pics and read of a gift we gave Ian, go to Jen's site and see for yourself how endearing grandmommies can be (sic)!!

Today has been an extremely lazy one and I've so enjoyed it. I'm hoping Stacey will be getting some Easter pictures to us soon of Austin and Alaina and you can just bet your sweet bippie I'll be sharing them with you, too! Have a blessed week!


Leah said...

Looks like lots of fun! Such a blessing!

Chad said...

I love the black and white picture of Noah holding the bucket with his name on it

Nancy Hood said...

Me too, Chad! It's one of my new favorites!