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10 March 2008

Tag, your turn!

I found this on Leah's blog and wanted to do it! So NOW, you're tagged!!

What was I doing 10 years ago? That would be 1998 and I was still a second grade teacher, and seeing some of my best friends each day.

5 things on my to do list today? Sleep; buy some groceries (didn't get done); spend more time on the elliptical; average the checkbooks (didn't get done); relax

Snacks I enjoy? cake and ice cream! nilla wafers and peanut butter! popcorn and coke!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire? write a niiiice check to our congregation; pay off our house; invest so Johnny could retire; pay off the homes of our daughters; set up education funds for our grandchildren; take our family to 'the Mickey Mouse' place all expenses paid, including clothing and rental cars; take our siblings on an Atlantic Seaboard cruise; purchase a second home in the Gatlinburg area; take my daughters and best friends to the Winfrey Hotel and have a shopping excursion; send Johnny and our son-in-laws on an African safari!

3 of my bad habits? chewing the inside of my cheeks; icy classic Cokes; not exercising enough

5 places I have lived? Bradenton, FL; Memphis, TN; Aurora, CO; Newnan, GA; Prattville, AL

5 jobs I have had? cashier for Casual Corners; secretary for National Pride CarWash; Personnel Ass't. at AESCO Steel; secretary for a lawyer in Wetumpka; second grade teacher

I added one, Leah!

5 dreams that have come true? I'm married to a wonderful Christian man; I gave birth to the child of my dreams; for nineteen years I worked alongside some of my best friends; I've lived in a snowy place and learned to snow ski; I am healing, both inside and out, and am so much stronger for that.

You're turn!


Kristi said...

I like your added question - would have loved to do that one!

Kelly said...

I like getting to know you better. Feel like I do in real life. Saw this blog and thought of you: