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02 March 2008

Family, Friends, & Faith

I've had a good weekend and hope you have. Yesterday I spent most of the daylight hours with a dear friend, Melynda Buck, and her oldest. It's Prom season and they sweetly asked if I would help with some of the plans. It's fun and I really like spending someone else's money! Not to mention they are two of the sweetest people I know! So Saturday was a joy.

Today, after worship, I tried out a new recipe and it turned out so much better than I expected! It's White Chicken Stew and you serve it inside a warmed flour tortilla that's been set inside a deep bowl. Garnish with a dollop of sour cream, sprinkle with sharp cheddar and shallots. Yummy!! I ended up shredding my tortilla and liked it better that way.

Jenny had a Pampered Chef show this afternoon, here in Prattville, at Haley Gray's home. I go along to wash up the dishes and tidy up. It gives me girl time alone with one of my bestest friends that just happens to also be my daughter! and it's nice seeing other ladies. Today's group were young enough to be my daughters! and as I was laughing at and with them, I realized that as much as I enjoyed that time period in my life, I'm so thankful to be at the station I'm at. Our daughters are grown and happily on their own, two with beautiful men that adore them; I am retired and able to devote my time to Johnny and our family; I don't have the worry of wondering if my parenting skills are what they should be; financially things are easier. Yes, I like this place in life.

Many things have changed and will continue to change as we mature and go through life. One thing I can count on, though, and that's that my Lord is always near. I only have to think of Him and comfort floods my soul. Jenny mentioned in her presentation this afternoon that it had been almost two years since my accident. The first year I have very few memories. This past year has been much easier. God has made so much possible and for that, I'll be eternally grateful. Talk of best friends, I couldn't ask for a better one~


Melissa Lester said...

Melynda was my son Carson's first preschool teacher in Wetumpka. We LOVED her! She was so sweet with all the kids, but only taught one year before going back to the bank. She was a hard act to follow. I haven't seen her in a while. What a small world.

Nancy Hood said...

Melissa, I've added a picture taken when Melynda during the first year of my recovery period. She is still one of the most faithful and compassionate women I know.

Eric & Haley said...

We had so much fun at my pampered chef show! I am so glad you came with jenny..... I love spending time with you and jenny. I have not been able to do this much but the few times I have had this opportunity have been wonderful!