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07 March 2008

Running errands~

I went with Jenny to Montgomery today to help with the boys while she tried to do some shopping. That girl can put some miles on a pair of feet, but I had such fun watching the boys interact. Noah just thinks Ian set the moon and tries so hard to be just like his big brother, which will be a hard act! ha ha Noah will start laughing and calling, "Eh ah" (for Ian, of course!) and begin running in circles when he got excited. I think the funniest time today was in a huge dressing room area watching Noah trying to get up with Ian. Here are some pictures I took from today. The last one is a shot Ian took of me and himself. He loves taking pictures and has been good with a camera now for almost two years! In fact, he got one for Christmas! Enjoy!! (By the way, it's just started raining here~it's almost 1 am Friday morning. I do so love rain and thunderstorms!!) Jen, I really like the snapshot of the three of you holding hands :)


Eric & Haley said...

I LOVE THE ONE OF THEM HOLDING HANDS TOO! It reminds me of the cute pics of people holding hands and walking down the beach..... except they are walking into

Chad said...

I feel like I know these kids and I have never even met them. I just know their parents. :)